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DMtse 24 Pcs Cosmetic Compressed Facial Masks Sheets for Women


* 24 Pcs Cosmetic Compressed Facial Masks Sheets for Women
* Compressed design mask is save space. Easy to carry when you travel.
* It is made of non-woven materials which is soft and not hurt your skin.
* Features strong aqua absorbency, compelely clear away oil, cosmetic residue from skin.
* How to use: Remove the cover, immerse with water or cosmetic facial care liquid, open the folding mask.
* Cleanse face with toner and wash foam, apply beauty lotion, cover the whole face with the mask.
* softly pat to eliminate bubbles and closely attach on skin,take off mask 10-15 minutes later,then wash it away with clean water,apply toner,eye or cream and night cream.
* Example of the beauty lotion : egg white, cucumber, tomato, potato, oliver oil,yogurt etc.
* The paper is dry, there isn’t facial product embedded in the paper.
* You need additional facial product (such as egg, milk, syrup) when you use.

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  • Product Name : Compressed Facial Mask;Size(Each One) : 2 x 0.6cm / 0.8″ x 0.23″(D*T)
  • Material : Non-woven Cotton
  • Color : White
  • Net Weight : 44g
  • Pacage Content : 24 x Compressed Facial Mask
  • Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • ASIN: B00900PL5U
  • UPC: 705332650229


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