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DMtse 12 PCS Professional Cute Nail Files Art Manicure Pedicure Emery Board Set


These nail files work quickly and easily help to trim or shape a nail of the desired shape or length without damaging the nail. Simple and effective to use . The perfect you can keep your nails more natural and beautiful.
Made with top quality adhesive tape and emery board materials. Designed with round top & Double Sides, Beautiful and durable nail files provide you a comfortable nail doing experience. File your nails with a lighter touch without damaging the nail.
Nail Files Can be Washable & Sanitize- Quick & Easy to clean & water resistant, could be rinsed with antibacterial soap & disinfect , Pets, Dogs Grooming & More..
Ideal for Men and Women, Perfect for Gifting,Friends, Birthday Gifts, Favors, and Sharing with Friends & Family and also great stocking stuffers for girls who love nail art.
Easy to use and carry, you can keep one in every room of the house plus one in your handbag even travel, which won’t take up too much room in any travel size luggage.


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Professional files is a good ideal to file and smooth natural nails. And natural nails means the nails you were born with

Quality files for expert nail shaping and repair smoothing. Always file nails in one direction instead of back and forth to help ensure that the nails will not split. Change files when worn.

The nail file which can be stored in your bag or can be stored at home or salons for everyday use. It is very convenient and carry portable. Full-length board is easy to hold for superior control.

When you make manicure at home, different colorful nail files will give you a different happy mood. also great stuffers for girls who love nail art

Package :12 Pcs Nail Files (twelve color different combos)

Dimensions: 7″ x 0.15″ x 0.8″

Material: EVA PP board sandpaper