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DMtse 2 x Lightweight Aluminum Cigarette Case and Holder with Magnetic FlipCover Box (20 Cigarettes) (Blue/Silver)


Lightweight and Strong Design That Protects Your Cigarettes and other Rolls. Convenient to carry, Keep cigarettes safe from moisture and mold.
Secure Magnetic Closure with Easy Open and Close Flip Top
Material:aluminum alloy and plastic.Light and portable
Size: 9.2 x 6 x 2.6cm/3.62 x 2.36 x 1.02″ Holds about 20 regular cigarettes
Package : x 2 (Blue/Silver)


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SKU: 733520290001


These cigarette holders will hold a box of standard King size cigarettes. You can also use them to hold; Joints, Roll your own cigarettes, medicinal herbs, leaves or any other holistic ingredients you want to include in your roll.

Strong magnetic closure that’s still easy to open and close. Not waterproof but resists splashes and moister. Strong aluminum cigarette box shell covers a strong plastic body. Easy and convenient to carry and prevents damage to your goods.

WAY TO OPEN:Hold it in your hand so the front of the “pack” is facing you. Place your thumb on the front panel, just below the flip-top part. Using your thumb and a little pressure, slide that panel down (towards the bottom of the pack). The flip-top will actually spring open! Holds 20 standard cigs if you fill it right, sturdy enough, and definitely keeps all that loose tobacco from falling out in pockets & bags.