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DMtse 24 Pieces 12 Different Designs Chinese Red Envelopes Money Packets 6.5 x 3.5 Inch Hong Bao


24 pieces red packets with 12 different styles unique designs, each design is printed with Chinese calligraphy and unique patterns.
Great for Chinese New Year, visit relatives, first work day, elder’s birthday, baby steps so on and other special occasions.
Lucky money is a chinese tradition which send luck, happiness, love to family and friends, it is believed that this red envelope and the lucky coins will bring luck to the person who receives it and also to the person that gives it.
Made of high-quality paper, special paper printing, smooth surface, making each paper look harder, thicker and more comfortable than normal and elegant; just insert the end cap into the groove to seal.
Package : Pack of 24 pcs Red Envelopes ( 2 pieces of 12 Different styles )

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Pack of 24 Chinese 12 different styles, Red Money Envelopes with red and color calligraphy and decorations. Fill with money, gold or jewelry to give as special occasion gifts. Red is a lucky color to the Chinese and the red envelopes have positive, good power. In China, it is believed that this red envelope will bring luck to the person who receives it and also to the person that gives it. Each envelope measures

Size: 6.5″ (16.5 cm) * 3.5″ (9 cm) inches and seals by moistening the end flap of the envelope. Using high-quality paper with speciality paper and embossed printing make each looks hard and more thick than the normal and elegant.

1.Lucky star GaoZhao:福星高照 Meaning is good wish and success in life

2.Lucky Fortune: 招財進宝 Meaning is making money; amass fortunes and success!

3.Great luck:大吉大利 The most favorable auspices; good luck; big fortuue and great profit.

4.Financial resources:財源廣進 Financial resources; sources of income, business, a source of prosperous wealth and a happy family.

5.Lucky Open Door:開門大吉 Everything is fine and all is right with the world.

6.Happy New Year :恭賀新喜 happy new year!; with best wishes for a happy new year!

7.Wealth and good fortune : 富貴吉祥 A long life of abundance and respectability; longevity with wealth and honor .

8.Congratulations to the New Year : 恭賀新春 The new year in; welcome the arrival of the new year !

9.New year new weather : 新年新气象 A new and dynamic atmosphere; be growing steadily; become more prosperous every day; ever more flourishing; greater and greater prosperity.

10.Good luck : 萬事如意 have all best wishes; all things conspired to make happy.; good luck in everything; may all go well with you !

11.Luck wishes : 吉祥如意 Good luck and happiness to you!; be as lucky as desired; good fortune as one wishes.

12.New year greetings : 年年有餘 There are enough surpluses and spares every year for more than in year.