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DMtse 4 Inch Bagua Mirror Set of 2 for Protection; One for Protection Against Passive Negative Energy & One for Protection Against Active Harmful Energy


  • Pack of 2 ; One Concave Mirror for protection against passive negative energy & One Convex Mirror for protection against active harmful energy Bagua mirrors are designed to be hung outdoors.
  • The trigram for Heaven called Chien (three solid lines) goes at the top and the trigram for Earth called Kun (three broken lines) goes at the bottom.
  • Buildings placed near graveyards, bridges, railroads, or overpasses, those at a T-intersection or with a large tree bocking the entrance are said to be at a disadvantage from “poison arrows” of sha that damage those inside the dwelling or place of business.
  • Ba gua means 8 symbols, and this traditionally decorated, hexagonal mirror with yin yang design in the middle will, according to the Feng Shui principles reflect any undesirable energy being directed towards your home or business.Ba gua mirrors are potentially very powerful so should really only be hung outside your building.
  • To protect against and counteract bad luck caused by arrows of sha, Feng Shui practitioners invoke the eight trigrams or Bagua of the Early Heaven, an ancient Chinese arrangement of eight binary symbols comprised of solid or straight (yang) lines and broken (yin) lines that represents the unity of Heaven and Earth and the blessings that accrue from alignment with natural virtue.

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Packing : 2 x Bagua Mirror ( Concave and Convex) Size : 4.2 x 4.2 x 1 inches Weight : 6.4 ounces The use of these mirrors is said to date back to the 10th century CE, but the Bagua itself is far older than that, for it consists of the same eight Trigrams found in the I Ching or Chinese Book of Changes used in divination, which is said to have originated more than 200 years BCE. The convex mirror is used on the side of the building from which the worst harm is expected.Its protection consists of reversing or returning back any harmful “poisons arrows” that are sent your way. The concave mirror is used on the side of the house facing passively negative energies, It provides protection because it will safely absorb and diffuse any problems caused by obstructions, blockages, and mild negativity.If your property is generally well situated and you have no bad neighbors, then you need only place the convex Bagua Mirror over your front door and the concave one over your back door to repel any chance or passing bad luck, evil people, or wandering spirits of negativity that could bring sickness, accidents, or mental depression to your household or place of business.