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DMtse 50 Pieces Chinese Red Envelopes Packets Hong Bao Money Gift for 2019 Chinese New Year 6.5 x 3.5 Inch


New Year’s Spring Festival 50 pieces of Spring Festival red envelope animal lucky wallet, 2019 design year, good Spring Festival, visiting relatives, the first working day, the elderly birthday, baby steps and other important special occasions.
Wish recipients happiness, prosperity, good fortune, peace, health, wealth, happy new year
Lucky money is a Chinese tradition, bringing good luck, happiness, and love to family and friends. I believe this red envelope and lucky coin will bring good luck to those who receive it, and bring good luck to those who bring the best wishes.
Red envelopes mean good blessings for people.
They can use money, greeting cards, gold coins or other items as gifts for the Spring Festival, weddings, birthdays, etc.
Size : Each envelopes. Size: 6 1/2″ (16.5 cm) X 3 1/2″ (9 cm) size fits flat $100 bills, no need to fold money when putting it in the Chinese red packet
Package : Pack of 50 pcs Red Envelopes (2 different designs patterns as pictures shown)

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Good luck:
Cash wrapped up in red envelops, symbolize happiness, prosperity, good blessings, good fortune, peace, health and wealth in the coming year.
Use in:
Fill with money, gold coins, or jewelry to give as gifts during Chinese New Year, birthdays, weddings and other special occasions
Using high-quality paper and lovely golden Emboss printing make each looks hard and more thick than the normal and elegant.Sturdy and thick, not easy to broke, nice-looking and the surface is smooth. Simply seals by inserting end flap into the slot, comfortable for you to use.
Great meaning:
Each Red Envelopes features lucky red and festive gold color with blessing words, will bring blessings, good luck, health and wealth to the person who receive or give them.
Different designs:
2 Different designs of the red envelopes as pictures shown, different dog graphics enhance the pleasure easily, different Chinese characters symbolize different meaning, such as happiness, prosperity and more.
Wide ranges of usage:
Red is a lucky color towards the Chinese, therefore red envelopes mean to bring luck, good blessings and fortune to people who receive them, fit for Chinese New Year, visiting relatives, wedding, birthday, store opening; Spread out to family, friends, children, neighbors and so on, to give them your best wishes and other important occasions.
Wishing you happiness and health during the coming 2019 New Year.