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DMtse BBQ Heat Resistant Silicone Cooking Grilling Oven Mitts Gloves for Safe Baking Barbecue Potholder


Our gloves are waterproof and can be cleaned. You can immediately rinse food, oil, marinade, juice, throw them into the dishwasher or throw them into the sink.
Safe heat-resistant silicone grill and cooking gloves, perfect for grilling, baking, cooking or any other task that requires you to keep hot. Made of enamel resin, the heat resistance is 446 °F / 230 °C.
Soft cotton insulation provides extra combustion protection while also making it easier to put on gloves and remove them
Non-slip texture 5 refers to the grip to reduce the risk of accidents, it allows you to safely move hot items, and has a strong grip, easier to hold, this size is suitable for most, but too small or too big hand is not very suitable.
Durable tear-resistant gloves, perfect for working in the oven and microwave, cooking, cooking, grilling, potting, camping, pickling, grilling and hot water in the kitchen, opening cans and replacing bulbs. Use them all the time. Non-toxic, tasteless, dishwasher safe.


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Size: 27.5*19.5cm Cuff width 14.5cm, with hanging hole width 15.5cm

Weight: 142 grams

Material: Silicone

Packing: x 2 Silicone BBQ Gloves

Convenient and reusable, it is ideal for taking hot dishes out of the microwave.

Heat-resistant silicone gloves work well in the kitchen, whether it’s baking or putting large barbecues inside and outside the oven.

When grilling on the grill or cooking by the campfire, use it outdoors.

It is also good to open a sturdy can with gloves to prevent accidents. Never worry about skateboarding, hot pots or steam ovens.

The dishwasher is safe, just throw it into the dishwasher and it will be as new as you bought it.

Simple hand wash, wash with soapy water and hang it in the air to dry.