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DMtse Chinese Feng Shui Dragon Turtles Statue Home Decoration Sculpture Collectible Figurines Gift



Turtle and the Dragon, are auspicious one of the “four holy”, but also a symbol of longevity. Turtle can absorb mountains and aura, so especially longevity.
In the elderly’s bedroom placed turtle ornaments, very suitable, because the symbol of health and longevity. Put a turtle on the desk, you will get the blessing and help your boss, the work will be very smooth.
It Can be placed in your room to refresh the decor appeal of short spaces. It will bring you good luck and fortune,improve your personal appeal. Also a good gift and personal collection.
Size :8 cm long X 5.5 cm high
Product package : 1 X Feng Shui Dragon Turtles ( pack box )

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Weighing (about): 125g.
Dragon Turtle has the head of the dragon and the body of the turtle.
The turtle symbolizes longevity. The dragon symbolizes career success and courage.
He is sitting on a bed of coins that represent good luck and wealth.
Dragon Turtle is beneficial to improve the Fortune relationship benefactors and gain in work.
It is believed to be a symbol of longevity, harmony and money.
A baby turtle in the back also represents a good start. How to place it? You can show that almost anywhere you like (except the bathroom).
Visualization of relationship that is close to where you can improve your luck.
If you have arguing problems, you can show that behind you.
In this way, you can give him good support.
Find your position “Tian yi (for health) and show that there is for longevity You can click on the Gua number to know your position” Tian yi; Put it in Northeast for scholarship and teaching.