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DMtse Jade Eye Facial Face Neck Slimming Massager Beauty Tool


  • Facial Massage Jade Roller Face Body Eye Head Neck Nature Beauty Device Tool
  • Suit for home or travel use
  • Promote blood circulation and metabolism of skin surface, and promote skin elasticity
  • Natural jade, durable, portable, and decent
  • Smooth touch feeling that never hurt your skin

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Perfect for using to your face and the body, that good massager for everyone. You need to clean your face and the roller first. First – Eye-dial technique   And then with the dial, rubbing the way to find the gas knot and tendons to clear, by the liver and lungs area (liver and lungs) – liver area – spleen area.   And then with the dial, rubbing the way to find the gas knot and tendons to clear, from the liver and lung area – the kidney area – the lungs and lungs, Spleen area.   3, the hole: the use of stuck bar point click Ming – save enough – fish waist – string and wind empty – the sun – pupil 髎 – bearing weep.   4, with the practice of lymphatic drainage detoxification.   5, and then follow (step 1-4) to do the other side of the eye.   6, his hands to do to appease the Ministry of two movements. Second – You need to apply some skincare product on your face. and put the massager into the warm water than take it out. Third – You take the roller to massage your face in 5 – 10 minutes each time. That’s good for your skin product is absorbed by your face. Good to relax your skin’s muscle and feel more tight. Suits for washroom, bedroom, living room. This is a natural jade, such as stone how many will have a little flaw cracks. This will not affect your skin’s use, nor will it crack.