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DMtse Natural Wooden Hair Comb for Women and Girls No Snags,tangles, Static Traditional Art Gift Bag


Our premium handcrafted sandalwood teeth easily resist the obstacles and confuse in the hair or beard, without getting any static or burrs from plastic or other cheaper wood. Barrier-free, no tangles, no static, natural green sandalwood handle wooden comb.
Made from high quality sandalwood to help prevent headaches, baldness and hair loss.
The mild aroma of sandalwood can calm the mind, benefit the body, relieve stress and nervousness. It is also aroma that can eliminate the odor of the scalp and stimulate blood circulation.
This comb is designed with Elegant High Quality hand-made color hand paintings.
Our great working hand-made combs and quality products can be a great gift for decades. The unique comb has a beautiful drawstring bag and box that provides the perfect gift look for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthday or anniversary.


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The Chinese have long considered sandalwood the rarest timber in the world, sandalwood only grows several centimeters in a hundred years, and takes hundreds of years to harden into timber.

Making sandalwood comb by hand has about a thousand years history in China. In ancient China, sandalwood comb is very popular in the palace, and only can be owned by the loyal family and nobles. There are several types of sandalwood, some are even more expensive than gold.

This comb is made of natural green sandalwood, every piece is unique and might has a slight difference in color or grain. Wonderful gift for your family or friends.


Material: Natural green sandalwood.

Size: Approx 7.28 * 1.97 inch/18.5 * 5 cm.

Package Included: 1 * comb, 1 * gift bag, 1 *box.


Sandalwood has a natural fragrant which is good for human health, also the fragrant can eliminate the unusual smell of scalp and stimulate the circulation of blood.

Combs made of sandalwood will absolutely cause no static during usage.

In Buddhism religion, sandalwood combs have the function of avoiding evils and bringing good luck.

Preservations :

Avoid immersing your comb in water especially hot water for more than half an hour, as it would cause it to distort. If you have to wash them, remember to wipe them dry.

Do not drop sandalwood combs on hard floors or collide them with other hard objects.

Do not put sandalwood combs in strong light or high temperature, keep them away from fire.

Avoid putting your comb in environment of high temperature over 40 degrees Celsius.

Exposing in the sunlight will also cause the comb to distort.