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DMtse New Design Shave Apron Catcher For Men Beard Shaving & Hair Clippings (Black)


Made of polyester material, waterproof, easy to clean and dry, the same as a salon cape, this beard catcher has a smooth touch that allows all your beard to slip off the trash bin after grooming. It can be cleaned and quickly hanged for everyday use.
Suitable for most men with adjustable Velcro straps with a moderate neck width. Install the neckband, insert the suction cup hook into the hole on the other side of the cloak, secure the suction cup to the mirror, and start trimming now !
With this beard apron, you can simply save time and grab all the cut hair while shaving. After trimming, there is no need to clean the countertops, sinks and floors every morning in a hurry. Treat the beard in seconds and keep your bathroom and shirt clean!
Handy design, make your shaving easy, it portable for business trips.
This shaving catcher is perfect choice for your husband, father and boyfriend. It has a clean and simple design that is great for present on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays and other holidays.


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Package : 1 x Beard Shaving cape

Material: Polyester

Weight : 150g

Width: 23.5 inches / 60 cm

Length: 48 inches / 120 cm

Neck Perimeter: Max – 21.2 inches; Min – 13.3 inches

Functional: Takes the mess out of trimming your beard

High Quality: Made of durable synthetic nylon

Simple: Easy to setup on mirror with supplied suction cups, and easy store.

Efficient: Save time in your daily routine

How to use a beard shaving cape?

1.Attach the cape to your neck with an adjustable Velcro strap.

2.Insert the 2 suction cup hooks into the holes on the other side of the cape.

3.Secure the suction cup to the mirror.

4.Start grooming your beard and let the hair cut into the cape.

5.After shaving, gently remove the suction cup. Go down to the trash can and let the facial hair slip off the trash.